Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Our Birthday Girl

It's hard to believe one year ago Addison Grace entered the world. Jeremy and I have had fun recalling memories of our first days with her. I can laugh now (not then!) back at some of the things: being in labor at home for so long, Addie screaming so loud that even the nurses commented on how loud she was, Addie being kicked out of the nursery the first night because she was waking up the other babies with her cry and more. We have been so blessed with such a wonderful daughter. We joke that the next baby we hope to have one day will be high maintenance and give us a run for our money. It's so exciting and sad all at the same time celebrating her first birthday. She has hit a milestone but we know there are so many more exciting milestones to come.

We had a party at daycare for her. We brought pizza for the kids for lunch and cupcakes for the party. It didn't last very long but it was very cute. Tonight Jeremy, Addie and I (and Sadie) celebrated with veggie soup & mac-n-cheese (some of her favorites), another cupcake (we let her DIG in this time), opened a few presents, a bath (another favorite) and reading her a new book (same author of her favorite book "Rainbow Rob"). Cousin Dylan called from Florida and sang "Happy Birthday to Baby Addie". Every phrase was this because David said if they sang "Happy Birthday to You" Dylan says "No, not me." :) We celebrate with family and close friends on Sunday. We can't wait!

I'll put up another post about our past weekend in Indy. It's been quite the week. I came down with a horrible case of strep throat and am still recovering. I'm glad I felt better tonight than I have the past couple of days to celebrate. It knocked me off my feet!

Enjoy the pictures below. Thank you for taking the time to read this blog and for all your comments, thoughts, prayers, birthday wishes, cards and presents! We are truly blessed with a wonderful family and friends! Love to you all! Here's to another amazing year...

We think she won't be wearing a hat on Sunday. :) She cried!

With the kiddos

At home singing "Happy Birthday"


Starting to dig in

"Yummy. I'm really starting to like this!"

"Want some dad?"

"How about you Sadie? This is good stuff!"

She was timid at first but she ended up digging in and eating about 3/4 of the cupcake!

Into the bath right away. Addie got to play with some new toys she got from Tara, Brad and Brady. She loved them.

And for the memories. A year ago today...sniff sniff.


Aimee Ash said...

Happy Birthday Adie! Hold on, cause 18 months comes even faster!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Addie! It is amazing how fast it goes. Before you know it she'll be walking, talking and telling you how to do things! (describes Brady pretty well doesn't it) We enjoyed getting to see you guys this weekend and are looking forward to seeing you again at Erin's wedding!
love you,

mamalouise said...

Happy Birthday Addison!! Happy one year to mom and dad too! :) Aimee Ash is right...the second year sneaks up on you quickly (I think its because we are sleeping more)! :)

Anonymous said...

Glad to see Addie had a great birthday!! Did she receive the present I sent? I hope it got there in time.

Miss you all,

Laura Camic said...

Happy Happy Birthday Addie! We love you and wish we could have been at your party yesterday! Baby Dane can't wait to meet you!!