Thursday, February 12, 2009


I mentioned this in a previous post, but I have been doing a digital scrapbook for Addie's babybook. I got a late start on it (umm...last Nov. when I had intentions to start one for her right after she was born), but so far I have done 15 pages. I am up to last August and hope to complete a lot more soon. My goal was to have her first year done for her birthday party. That doesn't look like that will happen because it takes about 10 days to get them once they are ordered.

Anyway, check out a few of my favorite pages I created. I got my first order in the mail the other night and I love them! It is so easy, cute, quick (that is key!) and pretty affordable! The website is Enjoy!

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Nick and Jenn said...

These are awesome! Great job so far! I too had intentions of doing more before now...funny how that happens. I can't believe Addie is almost 1. So exciting! She is just adorable!!