Sunday, January 3, 2010

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

On Christmas Eve we headed to Gary and Jamie's house (Leigh's mom & stepdad) for their annual Christmas Eve Open House. We then went to church and to Jeremy's cousin's house for his dad's big family get together. Santa made a visit to their house. The kids went nuts, while Addie flipped out again! They tried to get a picture with all of the great-grandkids and Santa, but I had to be in it to hold Addie and then her head was burried into my neck! I left my camera at Jamie & Gary's house that day...BUMMER...but I hope to get some pictures from Jenny and will post those soon.

Jeremy got sick on the 23rd and is still recovering a bit. He rallied during our festivities, but he definitely did a lot of resting in between. It was nice to just be the three of us on Christmas morning. Santa brought Addie a kitchen and she LOVED it. She has been cooking many items since then. Jeremy got me one of the BEST gifts I have ever received!!! He built a table for his Executive Director, Joe, at his work. (Check out his blog to see pictures of it.) I thought all along that it was a surprise to Joe from his wife and she would be paying him. Well Joe's wife is a watercolor artist and they bartered and she painted a portrait of our family. We have it hanging in our living room. I don't know how he will top that one!

On Christmas afternoon we headed over to Anthony and Jenny's house and that night my parent's arrived for a visit for a few days.

We had a busy month, but made wonderful memories! Having a child in the house makes Christmas even more special. It is a wonderful holiday to celebrate the Christ-child! We hope you had a wonderful Christmas as well! Enjoy some pictures. I'll try to post some cute videos soon. STAY WARM!!!

Shashi (the owner of her daycare) got Addie this cute bunny backpack that had 3 books in it

Playing with "Aunt Leigh" at her mom's house on Christmas Eve

Christmas morning...Needless to say, she LOVED her kitchen!

Checking out her stocking

A gift to remember...

Leigh made Addie this apron for Christmas. One side is for cooking and the other is for art. It is sooo cute! I told her to sell these suckers! She laughed and said it took a long time!
The other side. Unfortunately Addie won't be wearing it anytime soon since she doesn't like boas! :(

We made Christmas sugar cookies from scratch on Christmas day. My mom and I did this growing up and I hope to continue the tradition of baking cookies.

Having fun! (Jeremy cut me off...oops) I think she liked it! I think she thought the dough was play-dough. :)

At Jenny and Anthony's house on Christmas Day. Here's Addie jamming on Uncle Anthony's drums.

And with Layton, Papaw John and Mamaw Net

Final celebration with Grammy and Grandpa on the 26th. My parents got us a membership to the zoo! We're looking forward to putting it to good use when it gets WARM!

Helping me clean with her backpack on and one of her dress-up headbands. Check out all the loot in the picture. Project #1 of the New Year...clean out her toys!

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The Sabelhaus Boys said...

Love the Cheesin smile! Cole does that same thing. Looking forward to seeing you guys soon. (I think the boys are going skiing on Sunday?)