Monday, January 11, 2010

Let it snow!

With most of the rest of the country we got some snow last week then some bitter cold weather! Jeremy and I got off work early and we were excited to get Addie out in the snow. I think we had more fun than Addie did. I think every adult turns into a kid during a snow day! Enjoy some pics of our snow adventures...

Love this pic! Shoveling was her favorite part!

Originally Addie wasn't the biggest fan of the sled

Sadie LOVES snow!!!

Doesn't Layton look like a Tell-a-tubby (sp?)???

Then when her cousin Layton came she liked the sled better and wanted to pull him

Jeremy, Addie and I all went down the hill together. Jenny got a picture of it. By then Addie was DONE with the cold! Hopefully the next snowfall isn't in such bitter cold weather!

Warming up in the bathtub

Ha! Yes, Addie's hair is so long when it is wet. I think she looks like Cindy Lou-Who here. :)

And this was a picture from Saturday night. We had friends over for dinner. It was Italian night. Do you think Addie liked it? She had her second bath of the day following dinner. :)

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BandBbaby said...

She has definitely enjoyed it more than Garrett. I think you are right its the temperature! I think I need to get him some snow bibs and a sled that might help! Really looking foward to our family slumber party in February!