Sunday, October 10, 2010

Addie's Big Debut!

On Wednesday's Addie has been participating with Melody Makers. It is the children's choir group at church for ages 3-5. Meg, the children's music director, said Addie could participate even though she isn't 3. Of course I was excited for her to participate since I grew up in our church and remember doing it when I was little. Addie absolutely LOVES it and asks me everyday if we are going to "see Miss Meg". She loves to sing and dance and loves the sucker she gets after the rehearsal.

I was at a conference for work from Thursday until this morning in Charleston, WV. Heather and I left first thing this morning and I made it back 10 minutes before the traditional service at 11:00 for Addie's big debut (Ha!) with the Melody Makers. (The name has always cracked me up since they don't have much of a melody at this age. Hee hee.)

I wish I had video of Addie waiting to sing. She kept waving really big and saying, "Daddy! Daddy!" Addie did a wonderful job and soon as it was over in the foyer she asked if she could do it again. She also asked Miss Meg for her sucker (which is only for rehearsal). Ha!

Addie right after singing. She was soooo proud! (Thanks for the outfit, Tara! I don't know if you remember giving this to Addie when she was baby or not. It is too cute!)

See the video below for their song. You can hear Addie at times throughout the video! Sorry for the shaky footage and loud chuckles. I absolutely LOST it at the end and you can see for yourself the reason why. I think this should be submitted to America's Funniest Home videos!

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Nick and Jenn said...

Hilarious!! That video is priceless. I had to watch it again just to laugh. Addie is so stinkin' cute!!!