Monday, October 18, 2010

Wonderful weekend, wonderful friends

Every year Brad and Jeremy try to do a camping trip. Last year they didn't get to do one. Sometimes there are more guys that can come, but this year it was just the two of them. Unfortunately the Callahans couldn't make it at last minute because their minivan broke down! And the Klines just sold their house in Indy and were moving out. While Brad and Jeremy went camping Tara came to our house with Brady and Cole. It was a GREAT weekend with them and we had beautiful weather for it!

Say it with me...I LOVE OCTOBER!!!!

On Friday night Tara and I just hung out, watched a little Glee and then headed to bed. The kids played well with each other all weekend even though their ages all differ. On Saturday morning we took the kids to the park, played outside our house in the leaves and went to the zoo that night. The zoo has a Halloween event during the month of October every year. It was insanely crowded and we felt like it was herding cattle most of the time, but the kids loved it! Needless to say, Tara and I had to have some wine that evening after that expedition! We came home to a pleasant surprise to find the guys home. Apparently since it is so dry they weren't able to make a fire at their campsite so that made things different and made cooking hard. When we got home they were grilling steaks and sitting by our fire pit. Tara and I left them alone some of the night so they could still enjoy their guy time out there. Ha!

It was nice to relax with everyone on Sunday morning before they headed back home. It was a wonderful weekend spent with one of my very dearest friends and her family. Love you, Tara!

Throwing leaves in the air and on each other...

Does Addison look 5 in this picture or what??? UGH!

That's Brady going in head first...

What a cheeser!

I was telling Addie to do a snow angel in the leaves. This is what she did instead. Kinda looks like a body surfer! Ha!

Check this out...Batman, Batman and Robin!

Me and Tinkerbell (going on her second piece of candy...obviously very content!). A friend in my Sunday School class let me borrow this cute costume. Score!

Addie LOVES Nemo! She wanted to take her picture in front of Nemo. I love her sweet face in this photo!

Addie with Jasmine! "Aladdin" is her favorite movie right now. She wants to watch it every morning before daycare so we let her watch about 30 minutes (it is on DVR). The other day it sounded like she was singing part of "A Whole New World" in the car! The girl playing Jasmine went to GSA (the program I work for) this summer for Drama! :)

Trying to get a photo of the three of them with Elmo...

David, Carrie and the boys met up with us that night. Here Addie is with her cousins. Dawson was a bug. Dylan is in the middle. :)

Playing a game with Brad...

Sweet Cole Boy! He had a really bad fall at our house right before we left for the zoo. His nose and mouth were bleeding bad, but he was smiling soon after. Tough boy!

Finishing up our time together playing with sidewalk chalk.
And just because you didn't know...I LOVE OCTOBER! :) Have a great week!


The Sabelhaus Boys said...

Cute pics! I'll try to post mine tomorrow. We had so much glad our husbands are such good friends too!

Bryan and Ashley said...

I am so glad you guys had such a great time but I am also SO sad that we missed it:-( We got a new van! So hopefully we can get down to visit you guys soon. Talk to you soon:-D