Monday, November 15, 2010

October catch-up

I've been really busy at work, traveling on the weekends, so I haven't blogged too much. Below are miscellaneous pictures from the month of October...

We went to a costume party with our Sunday School class in early Oct. The Rolings just had a baby in August and were bringing Nathan along. We decided to incorporate Nathan into our costumes so we went as characters from "The Hangover" movie. Jeremy was Stu, the dentist that was missing a tooth, and I was the baby mama/stripper, a little bit of a stretch, but it was still fun! What do you think?

All of the guys...

All of the gals...

A trip to the zoo in early October with Layton. Too cute holding hands!

The zoo was getting ready for boo at the zoo so Addie and Layton had to greet Elmo.

One of my good friends from high school, Robyn, had a baby girl in August. Robyn lives in L.A. and was in town for a couple of weeks with little Lola. The four of us girlfriends got together for dinner and we all got to love on Lola. Doesn't Robyn look great?

With the high school girls along with Emma and Lola! Beautiful! (Addie and Dane stayed home so we could stay longer.)

Halloween morning after church. Addie proud of her jack-o-lantern again.

I think she looks so old here! :(

I think she was pretending to fly here. Such a ham!

Stay to come of our new niece, Abigail Emory!!!

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