Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Trunk or Treat

On the Sunday before Halloween our church for the first time did a Fall Festival that included trunk-or-treat, storytelling, games and food.  It was a great event and probably the first for many years to come.  Enjoy the pics!  (Yes, delayed.  I think I jinxed myself in the last post.  I got sick over the weekend with a fever while Jeremy and I were away for Amanda's wedding in Wisconsin.)

Jeremy wearing Addie's tiara.  Cute, huh?  It kept falling off Addie's head so he wore it some. 

Princess Tiana (that's from "Princess in the Frog" if you don't know Disney princess movies)

Kate as a flower and Leigh as a nun.  I love how Kate is staring at her!  Ha!

Doug as the Man in the Yellow Hat with Benjamin

Here's Addie with Andrew as Curious George (Doug's son...such a great father/son duo).  Addie and Andrew are great friends and only a few weeks apart.  We would be ok with an arranged marriage here. Ha! :)

I had to take pictures of some of the great people and cars dresses up.  Some people went all out for it being the first time.

Tiana and Sleeping Beauty (Alicia)

Dale went as Oscar the Grouch and was trying to give away trash instead of candy.  It was great!

Jill and Mike (Kelly's parents) as pirates

Addie with one of her favorite people

Ha! Ha!  A Jolly boy at his finest. :)

Addie with two of the girls from the youth group, Morgan and Shelby.

Our family!

Love this!  Some of our friends' little boys.  The Bendorf twins, Austin and Collin, and Emery (John & Terrianne's little one).

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