Monday, April 16, 2012

Addie's garden

Jeremy grew up helping his grandparents with their HUGE garden. He always joked that it could feed all of Oldham County. We haven't done too much with a garden over the years for various reasons. One year the squirrels kept getting into our tomatoes so when Jeremy caught one of them in the act he thought it would be a good idea to just chuck a tomato at it. It barely missed the squirrel and I have never let him live it down. :)

This year Jeremy really wanted to do a small garden with Addie (and a larger one for us).  He thought it was important for her to learn where food comes from and how to grow plants, plus it was something fun the two of them could do together. So he bought supplies for a small raised garden along with strawberry, lettuce and spinach plants, some of Addie's favorites (she loves salad).  Here are some pictures the evening they planted the garden (over a month ago).

Kate hanging out in her exersaucer watching the action.  (I think she looks a little different here, but still has those big blue eyes.)

Such a ham!

This photo is a little out of focus, but had to post Kate's silly face.  Sometimes she gets her arms flaying and makes the funniest faces.

All in the ground and posing next to it.  So proud!

Addie loves to check on the garden and has recently been getting excited to see the strawberries turn red.  We have had lots of salads already!  She was so proud the first time we had a salad from her garden.  So sweet! 

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Anonymous said...

Such a great idea for Addie! What a great dad Jeremy is!