Sunday, April 8, 2012

Palm Sunday

A week late, but some sweet photos from Palm Sunday below...

Kate was excited to shake her palm leaves in church.  It was cute!

I never really edit my photos because I currently don't have editing software (just basic stuff) and because it saves some time.  I should invest in something because these are great photos and then there is Addie with her dress on with her pirate tattoo!  Ha!  She didn't want us to take it off, but I finally convinced her to take it off before Easter. :)  

Showing Kate her palm leaf she made in Sunday School...

Sweet sisters!

I ADORE this photo!

See?  Love this one, but then her silly tattoo is there.  I will get a friend to edit it in the meantime. :)

Cheesy grin

Addie singing with Melody Makers.  I love Palm Sunday when the kiddos process in at the beginning of the service waving their palms!

Up next, Easter photos!

Yes, I know I need to change my header photo, but I am getting some message about reaching the maximum photo storage capacity.  Weird.  Anybody else gotten that before?  It only applied to the header photo and the side photos not on a blog entry. 

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