Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Boo at the Zoo

We went to the zoo for trick or treating a couple of Sundays ago.  It was beautiful outside!  We got there right at 5:00 and beat most of the crowd.  We met up with the Tremaynes and Elmers for the evening.

Kate didn't want to sit in the wagon.  She is wanting to be Miss Independent like her big sister!  Uh-oh!

Princess Aurora

Grayson dressed up as Elvis.  The sideburns cracked me up!

Emery as Simba.  He wasn't a big fan of the head.

Two princesses!  Addie was in heaven.

Kate is into Elmo right now.  She hasn't seen Sesame Street too much, but I think she likes him because she can say his name. :)

Our ladybug.  Love this photo!

Kate was a little fussy (yep, the double ear infection) so she was easily entertained by a sucker.  Jeremy said, "Let's start counting all of the people judging us."  Trust me, she gets suckers everyday.  Ha!

Love Kate's sticky smile with the Alice in Wonderland characters.

Addie LOVES Ariel!  And I happened to know Ariel.  Gretchen went through GSA (the program I work for) in Musical Theatre. 

This picture cracks me up!  Addie REALLY wanted to take her picture with the pirates.  She wanted me to be in the picture with her, but HAD to have it taken.  Look at her face!

She wasn't scared of these characters.
 Sweet sisters!

Kate wasn't sure about Princess Fiona

The Tremaynes

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