Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The girls' daycare had a costume parade and party on Halloween.  We went there, but didn't get much of a picture.  Here are a lot of the kids dancing in their costumes.  Too many princesses to count!

We went over to the Wilde's house for dinner and trick-or-treating.  My parents stayed back at the house while we took the kids around the neighborhood.  It was cold so we opted for the warmer ladybug outfit for Kate.  Clearly she didn't mind based on her expressions below!  Love it!

Ladybug, Princess Aurora, Buzz and a UofL Football player

Crazy that the youngest cousin was the most cooperative this time!  Clearly the older kids were ready to trick-or-treat.

Addie walked all of one house in her high heels before changing them when she realized her older cousin was sprinting from house to house and she couldn't keep up. :)

And this little one thought she was as big as the older kiddos.  She tried so hard to keep up.

Kate caught on to the trick-or-treating thing pretty well.

Kate found a sucker and wanted it immediately.  She got upset when Jeremy took it away just to take the wrapper off.  Kate had a serious grip on it all night.  She also got upset that we put her in the wagon because she wanted to walk with the rest of the kids.

Sorting candy

A little fun before leaving and bedtime

You can see in this picture a little bit that we had a black-eyed princess this year.  She and 6 other kids were on a trampoline together when we went to Indy the prior weekend.  Clearly it didn't go well for her.  And yes, the hubbies were in charge that day. :)

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