Sunday, February 24, 2013


To say that I am behind on this blog is an understatement.  I uploaded photos this weekend for the first time in almost two months.  I have even been bad about taking pictures outside of the phone/ipad.  Guess things have been busy.  My goal is to get up to date this month.  May be hard because I work a lot in March, but I can have a goal, right?

We got a little bit of snow at the end of the year/first of the year.  It was really Kate's first time playing in the snow.  She really liked it, but since it was cold she didn't last very long.  Enjoy some snow pics.


By the time we went out there wasn't a lot of snow, but we managed to make a little snowman.  My aunt and uncle got us the cutest snowman kit a couple of years ago and we haven't been able to use it.  Looked pretty cute.

I hope to write a post soon about Kate (she turned 18 months) in January.  Here is a quick preview of her personality.

She's a monkey!  I walked into the room and this is what she was doing.  Yikes!

And she has a BIG appetite (as long as she is feeling well).  She had her own serving of rice and beans, but she had to have Jeremy's burrito and ate a substantial amount.  She clearly is her father's daughter.
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