Monday, March 25, 2013

Annual trip to Indy

Hello, blog. It's me, Laura. Ha!  March is insane for me with work and I finally have some time to breathe and hopefully catch up on the blog. Maybe this month it will. :)  So here it goes...

Addie made this cute homemade Valentine's this year.  Well, of course it turned into a family project.  I typically take the quick way for things like this, but I also enjoy crafting and thought we could get away with something like this for daycare before she has 20+ kids in her class next year.  I stole this idea from my friend, Liz.  It says, "Mice to know you."

And I tried to get a picture with the girls in red on Valentine's Day.  This is the best I could do.

We had our annual February get-together with our close Butler friends.  We try to get our families together every February.  I love these girls (and their hubbies) so much and I love getting to see their little ones grow.  I know we all enjoy getting to love on the other kids and love seeing our kids play with each other.

Reid turned 1 in March.  He is chewing on a bourbon box Jeremy brought up.   Gee thanks, Uncle Jeremy.

The husbands stayed back with the younger kids (partially due to Bryan and his torn Achilles tendon) while the wives took the older kids to the Children's Museum.  We went a couple of years ago, but I have only been there a couple of times in my life.  It was so great to be with Addie at her current age.  I loved seeing her explore and learn new things.  Jeremy and I need to take her back so he can experience it too.  It would still be fun for Kate, but there is much more to do for older kids (even much older than Addie).  Highly recommend a day trip there!


Here is my daughter waving to everyone while she rode the carousel.  It was like she was in a parade or in a pageant.  It cracked me up because she didn't know anyone waiting to wave to, but she did anyway.

Looking at the Dale Chuhily glass sculpture.  I love his work!  This piece is massive, beautiful and fun!

I loved this exhibit.  They were pretending to be scuba divers.

On to the Dinosaur exhibit.  Here's Addie sitting on dinosaur eggs in a dinosaur vest. 

We were there for a few hours and still didn't see it all.  As we were leaving they had a quick play in the main lobby about geckos so of course we stayed for a bit.  

After the Museum we went to Tara and Brad's for pizza and to hang out.  A couple of other sorority sisters joined us for dinner.  Erin and Chris came with their baby, Owen, and Erin and Trey joined in as well.  

Kate wanted to play IN the exersaucer.  She thought she was pretty funny.

If you can't tell, she is saying, "Cheese" here. :)

Some of the older kids watched a movie downstairs.  We joked because we came down one time and Addie was snuggled next to Brady.  We came another time and we found her here snuggled next to Harry.  I fear my future.
Here is our first attempt out of about 20 of our annual kid picture.  It expands every year.  We are missing one kiddo that was with us last year, but we gained another two since the last photo.  We may run out of couch room soon!

Addison holding Owen. Isn't he a cutie?

I had to post all of these pictures.  They are so funny and show you a glimpse of Kate's personality.  She thinks she is so much older than she is and she is soooo affectionate.  Cute!

Jeremy messing with Brady.  I love this photo because you can tell how we all just enjoy relaxing and playing with each other.

We love these families so much!  We wish we could see them more often, but when we do get together we always go right back from where we left off.   

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