Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Princess (superhero) party

Addie turned FIVE at the end of February.  I will update her stats and give a glimpse of what she is into these days soon.  Besides her first birthday, we have always just done low-key birthday celebrations at our house with close family.  We decided that five was a big deal since she will be heading off to Kindergarten in the fall so we had a bigger party with some of her friends from daycare and with some of her cousins. Her friends at daycare will all go to different schools in the fall so it was a nice way to celebrate with them.

She wanted a princess party (no surprise there) so I went for it.  Addie wanted her boy cousins to come so we made it a "princess/dress-up/superhero" party.  Ha!  Dylan couldn't make it and the two younger boy cousins had lots of fun.  Since February isn't the best for being outside we had it at our church so we could have more space.  Once I made the decision to have a bigger party and had a theme, I had lots of fun planning the party.  I could do this all the time IF I didn't have a full-time job and had discretionary money to just spend on anything.  Ha!  I enjoy being creative and crafty and planning events.  I would NOT have been able to pull off the party without the help of some of my monthly craft night girls, my sister-in-law, Jenny and especially, Kelly.  We joked that Kelly was my Assistant throughout the party planning process and during the party.  She helped me in so many ways!  I owe her!

I had over 300 photos from the party (Kelly had her camera there too) so I had a hard time narrowing down the photos so BE PREPARED to scroll.  And I must blog about this with all of the details because in 25 years I want Addison to see what her mom did to make her day so special when she is knee-deep party planning for her own kids. Hee hee,  I joked that planning for a princess party felt like finals week.  I pulled some late nights and just pushed through until the end.  Ha!

It was all worth it.  Addie loved her party and loved being the princess for the day (I mean, really she always acts like a princess, but it was allowed this day).  :)

Decorations:  Pink and Purple are her favorite colors

Some of the chairs were wrapped with this glittery sash.  There was glitter everywhere.  I am sure custodial loved us.

So, Kelly brought this apron and wanted me to pose like I am Supermom/Martha Stewart.  We said we will get all over Pinterest and it will look like this is so easy, takes no time, everyone can do it while not having dark circles under the eyes.  Ha!!!

Cake table:

My sister-in-law works with a woman that does cakes on the side.  She did Kate's one year cake/cupcakes too.  She does an awesome job and her cakes taste so good!  Her name is "Sassy's Sugarings" and you can find her on Facebook if you are interested.  She can do anything.

I made cupcakes because I was worried we wouldn't have enough cake.  We had plenty of cake, of course.  Oh well.  Addie had ice cream, cake and a cupcake.  You only have a 5th birthday party once, right?! :)

We had five different stations set up for the kids to rotate during the beginning of the party.

Craft Table: There were foam wands, tiaras and door hangers to decorate with foam stickers, markers, etc.

Nail painting: 
Even superheroes get their nails painted. Actually, Layton likes to get his nails painted on a regular basis. Ha!

Cookie Decorating:  Decorated sugar cookies that were dresses, tiaras, hearts, etc.

Love this photo.  The two superheroes decorating cookies side-by-side.

Face Painting:

My mom did a great job as the face painter.  And she wore a tiara. :)

Photo Booth pictures:  When I first brought this idea up to Addie she wasn't too thrilled about it, but she ended up having lots of fun and I know we will cherish having these photos for years to come. We had some great props!



We tried to take a family photo.  Can you tell it is at the end of the party?  Had to include this one.  Ha!

And this is the best we could get.

An attempt at a group picture...

This photo cracks me up because Kate was walking around in the sombrero and was cracking up in the back of the photo.  She loves to make people laugh.

 Playing with the props..

Cake and presents:


Snapshots from the party:

Put your "L's" up. Go cards!

Is this girl a goose or what?

This photo is hilarious!



The party assistant and one of Addie''s favorite people!

Me and the birthday girl

An awesome party for an awesome girl! We love you!

(This was the longest post ever with tons of photos.  Took me days to prep. Thanks for hanging in. :)  I hope to one day make a photo book for Addie of her 5th birthday party as a keepsake.)

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