Sunday, April 21, 2013

Saturday before Easter

We had a busy day the Saturday before Easter.  We went to Brown Park in the morning for our annual church Easter egg hunt.  It was a little chilly, but was a really nice morning.

Dawson and David came along with my parents.  Unfortunately, Dylan had a fever so Carrie and Dylan couldn't come.

The Easter bunny came.  If you can't tell Kate wasn't a fan of the bunny.  She tensed up and did not want to get close.

Dawson was a little hesitant during the egg hunt, but Addie came over and helped him out for a bit.

They separate the kids by age group for the hunt.  I was with Addie's age group so I didn't get many pics of Kate hunting eggs.  Apparently should would get a bit distracted while doing it.  Ha!

Last year even Addie was bit hesitant of the bunny, but not this year.  She really wanted her picture with the bunny.  (Little did she know one of her babysitters was in the suit.)

Here's Addie playing with Julia.  Julia is becoming one of her favorite people, especially because Julia is very close friends with Kelly.  Julia and Addie have lots of fun together.  They were pretending to scare each other going down the slide.

Saturday evening we finally got together with Leigh, Chad and the girls' favorite baby.  We haven't gotten our families together very much lately so it was nice just to hang out.  I have a feeling we will be seeing lots more photos of these three girls together.  They love each other!

Kate so wishes she was bigger and could hold babies by herself.

And then we dyed eggs.  We didn't really have Kate do much.  I think if we did she would have tried to drink it all. :)

Kate trying on her new shoes before bed.  Like the look? :)

A long, fun day and we still had Easter Sunday to look forward to!  Pics soon.
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The Hughes Family said...

Addie is such a big sweet helper! And I love Kate's cheeks!