Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Preschool graduation

Well, it looks like I am blogging about 2 months after things happen.  Ugh.  One day I will get caught up, one day.

In the middle of August Addison became an official preschool graduate.  Her daycare did a nice little graduation for those moving on to Kindergarten and moving on to another preschool.

All of the graduates lined up. Ms. Hope is on the left and was her preschool teacher. Ms. Shashi is on the right.  Shashi is the owner of the daycare and has helped take care of Addison since she was 6 months old.

Cracking herself up.  She loves being the spotlight. :)

Each graduate got to showcase something they learned.  Addie read a book out loud.   I have video that I am trying to get posted, but our internet isn't working well so it may not work until it gets fixed. 

Our graduate looking so old!

Kate was there, but she was more into the reception than the actual graduation.  Ha!

Next up...Kindergarten!  Can't believe we have a Kindergartner in our house!

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