Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Early September

Trying to recap things from early September.  My memory is a little foggy.  :)

One night on Labor Day weekend we had the Bells over for dinner.  We ended the evening with s'mores.  We love our firepit and the girls love s'mores.

Emma stayed the night.  These girls grew up together since their moms worked together and they were at the same daycare.  Now they go to different elementary schools so they were very excited to have a sleepover. BFFs! 

Addison played soccer again this year.  Last year she was doing cartwheels.  This year she actually went for the ball.  Lots of improvement!  Verdict is still out whether or not she will continue with this sport.  Sometimes she seemed really into it and other times she didn't care much.  We shall see. 

Addie had two great coaches this year!  They were really good at encouraging the kids, were very fair and did lots of good exercises.  The last practice night the kids played the adults in a scrimmage.  I was at practice that night.  I have never played soccer in work clothes/shoes before, but it was nothing that this soccer mom/soccer star couldn't handle!  Ha!

One afternoon my parents watched Dawson so we met them at Brown Park to feed ducks and play.

This is now the way Kate smiles for the camera.  She cheeses so much her eyes close.

Love this one of Addie girl.

It was Living Organism Week for Addie so one day the students had to bring a living organism or a picture of a living organism.  In true Addie fashion, she brought a container full of worms!  Recently we were talking and she said, "Mommy, the next time it rains, can we go outside..."  I interrupted her thinking she was going to say, "...to play in the rain?"  But instead she said, "No, mommy, so we can go looking for worms!"  She is a nature girl.  Here is a picture of Addie showing off her worms and walking Sadie.  Sadie actually came to the bus stop that day.  Sadie is so old and doesn't do long walks well.  It took her some time, but she made it there and back.  Addie liked having Sadie at the bus stop that morning.

Addie and I went with David and Dylan to a UofL football game.  It should indicate how little we (well, really Jeremy) watch sports on tv when Addison asked on the way there, "So, what is a football game?"  Ha!  It was a very hot day.  Addie got bored, but was entertained by eating game food and watching the cheerleaders.  This was right before I started at my new job at UofL.  It was pretty cool seeing the marching band and being at the game knowing I would soon be working for the UofL School of Music.

More updates soon.  Trying to get to October because I have lots of pictures from all of the fall activities!  I love fall!  
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