Sunday, December 29, 2013


Our church, Beargrass Christian, starting doing a trunk-or-treat event a few years ago.  It keeps getting better every year.  The girls love it!  They get to see some of their favorite people and get lots of candy.  What is better than that?

Our zebra and UofL cheerleader!

Anthony, Jenny and kids joined us this year.

Look at this sweet ladybug and her daddy!

We started out doing the trunk-or-treating in the parking lot.

A lot of the cars really decorate their trunks.  This is our friend Jay as a gorilla. He freaked Kate out!  

Luckily Grammy and Grandpa's car was not scary.

Too cute!

Next we headed inside to the gym for games and activities.  The youth group organizes lots of fun games for the kids.  They had a big poster for kids to draw and sign their names.

They had a mummy toilet paper game.  Kate and I got wrapped up together and she thought it was pretty funny.

The Wilde crew joined us as well.  

We had a lot of fun again this year!

(One more post and I may be to November pics.  Ha!)
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