Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Michigan vacation continued...

On Monday a cold front was moving into the area.  We attempted the beach for a little while since Grammy and Grandpa were only there for a few days, but once the wind started up and it started to sprinkle we packed up.

You can definitely tell the wind is kicking up and the skies are getting dark.

Kate got tired and was getting cold from the wind so she tried napping on me.  I hated it. ;)

In the late afternoon the weather wasn't bad at all so we decided to go in town for dinner.  We had to wait for a table, but it worked out well because we spent some time on the public beach and playground.

Here the girls are waving at the train that went by.

Official tourists.

There was a cute little lighthouse by the playground on the public beach.

Here's a series of photos I like to call "You kids look too big! Stop growing up!"

A picture of the harbor on our walk back to the restaurant.  The kids liked looking at all of the boats.

We had dinner at "The Stray Dog".  We highly recommend it.  It is great for families, good atmosphere and there are pictures of dogs everywhere.  Kate loved it!  They also have a rooftop bar that overlooks the harbor.

Looking big and cute in daddy's hat!

This is "I'm going to throw a fit over nothing because I am tired and had a big day!" Ha!

This is a series of photos representing Kate.  Goofy, wild and affectionate!!!

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