Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas

We've had so much fun with Addie lately now that she is feeling better. We love Christmas time and we are enjoying the season together! It is my favorite time of year. Last Saturday Chad and Leigh came over so Chad could take Christmas pictures of us. Chad also did her 6 month pictures at the park. He got some great ones despite not having the best lighting at our house. Enjoy some of them below. Thanks, Chad! They are great!

Sunday we did some Christmas shopping. Addison is a good shopper. She is such a social baby! She also had another "first" on Sunday at the mall...that's right, she sat on Santa's lap. It was the end of the day and there was hardly anyone in line, so I couldn't resist. She did great! She didn't smile, but she didn't cry at first. She started to cry when Santa tried tickling her to try to get her to smile. Geez, the pictures were expensive...$20 for 4 pictures! But Santa only comes around once a year and this is her first Christmas. I suppose this is what happens to all families every December. That traditional picture on that man's lap pulls us parents in.

Tonight we out to dinner with Jeremy's grandmother's side of the family. Of course Addie was passed around all night. She was showing off as usual. Her new thing this week is that she bounces like she is dancing. It's pretty funny!

David, Carrie and Dylan arrive from Florida on Saturday to visit for a week!!! We will be celebrating our Christmas with my side of the family on Sunday and Monday. This is one reason why I love this time of year; spending time with loved ones. Hope you are getting into the Christmas spirit!

Playing in the bath tub

Addie loves bath time

Sitting on Santa's lap

These are her Thanksgiving pajamas. She got sick on them before I got a picture of her in them on Turkey Day.

This one is our favorite!

We love this one too...you can see her teeth she is cheezin' it so much



Our attempt at a family photo with Sadie...so funny!



Laura Camic said...

Your Christmas pics are so cute!!! I love the santa pic also! I hope that you guys are having a great winter and Christmas season!! We need to get together :)

BandBbaby said...
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BandBbaby said...

Oh I love the one of her looking at the ornament and your family pic! Oh I miss you guys so much..I wish you lived closer! Merry Christmas.

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