Monday, December 1, 2008

Rough Week #2

This week was another rough one for our family. Addie had a stomach virus and was vomiting and had diarrhea until Friday. Lovely! Addie also had her 9 month check-up (yeah, it is still hard to believe that the next check-up is her one year!) where she got a couple of shots and she cut another tooth this week. Poor thing! We are praying that December is a better month than November for us!

Addie weighed 16.8. That was in the 20 percentile. When I took her in a few weeks ago with her ear infection she was 17 pounds so she had lost weight from her bug. Our doctor wasn't concerned since she has been sick and is becoming more active. She was in the 60 percentile for height. She is still our little peanut.

Addison didn't dig into Thanksgiving meals since she was still sick, but she did enjoy some leftovers. By Saturday she was back to herself. That night we had Thanksgiving dinner with Jeremy's mom. She could not get enough food! I wish I would have taken a video of it. At one point Jeremy and I looked over and she was shoveling lots of food in her mouth with both hands. It was hilarious!

Despite the sickness we enjoyed spending time with family. My parents were in town for a bit. The three of us did a lot of hanging out, relaxing, getting things done and eating. Gosh, I feel like I gained 5 pounds. It was so nice to spend time together.

Addie is getting so big! She now claps her hands and waves bye-bye. See the video below. She is so proud of herself she claps all the time!

Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving! We are so blessed! We are looking forward to the advent is the best!!!


Eating mashed potatoes


Playing with mashed potatoes


Playing with Grandma Great after dinner


Watching Baby Einstein for the first time. We gave in and bought a DVD for her. We figured it would be better to have this on than the tv sometimes. She was fascinated by the puppets.


Helping me put up Christmas decorations


We are struggling finding a sippy cup that Addie wants to drink from. She loves to "drink" from cups. She doesn't drink much but does like to put her mouth on it.


Addie loves dogs!


Hanging out with Honey


This is the cute outfit she wore on Thanksgiving. I didn't get any pictures because my camera battery died and once it recharged she had already gotten sick on it. So she wore it again to church.


Finally feeling better!


Nick and Jenn said...

What a rough week!! I am so sorry. I'm glad everyone is feeling better though. I cannot believe Addy is going to be 1 soon. Where did the year go? She is absolutely precious and so cute. She looks like such a happy, sweet little girl. Have a great week!

Aimee Ash said...

Don't worry about the cups, my girls played with cups until closer to the 12 month mark, we then bought an assortment to see which they each preferred. My favs are the gerber, hard spout--no leaks. I love her dress!

Laura Camic said...

sorry that you keep having rough weeks!! poor little sick addie!! She looks so cute in the gray dress! I love it! I miss you!

Laura said...

Hey Laura, I love the little gray dress! As far as sippy cups go, for a beginner like Addie, the soft spout Nuby ones worked well for Bethany last year. Merry Christmas!