Monday, December 29, 2008

Merry Christmas!

We thought we were going to have a low-key Christmas since we celebrated with our families before Christmas. It ended up still being busy, but still a wonderful holiday. On Christmas Eve we went over to Jamie and Gary's house (Leigh's mom and step-dad) for an open house and then to Jeremy's aunt's house for Christmas Eve dinner. My parents arrived that night around 10:00 p.m. because my dad had do his church's service that evening. Jeremy, my mom and I all went to 11:00 Christmas Eve service while my dad stayed back while Addie slept.

Christmas we hung out with my parents, went over to Anthony and Jenny's for a bit and had dinner at our house. My parents were in town until Saturday morning. It was nice for them to visit for a few days because that doesn't happen much with their work schedules. We were so thankful that Addie was healthy so my parents and others could see our playful and happy girl. Addie certainly is spoiled rotten!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas visiting family and friends and celebrating the birth of the Christ child! Happy New Years!


Playing with Leigh at Jamie and Gary's house on Christmas Eve

Trying to get a picture with Kylie (Jeremy's cousin's daughter)

Yep, she already likes money!

Addie loved playing with the tambourine

With Kelly on Christmas Eve at church

Nice! My dad's new golf ball finder glasses! Ha!

Addie loved the ribbons

Addie trying to talk on the phone that Grammy and Grandpa gave her

Playing Uncle Anthony's drums with MamawNet

Christmas Day

Isn't she looking so big these days?