Monday, April 21, 2008

First overnight weekend!

Sorry it has been a while since I posted. We have had a lot going on. Last week we had some beautiful weather (then accompanied by an earthquake!!! Yes, we felt in Kentucky!). We grilled out one night and took Addison out back. She loved just observing her surroundings.

Last weekend one of my good friends, Lindsay, got married in Indianapolis and I sang in the wedding. This was our first overnight weekend with Addison. She did great in the car. She got her schedule thrown off some, but managed pretty well. We stayed with Brad and Tara for the weekend. We first visited Brooke and Brandon and their new little guy, Garrett. He is too cute! Addie got really hot while I was feeding her and the Klines got to see her temper. She was screaming at the top of her lungs for a couple of minutes. I think they were quite surprised by her decibel level! We also got to see Ashley and Bryan Callahan, more friends of ours. We got to give them a gift of a couple packages of newborn diapers we didn't use because they are having triplets!!!! She will probably have the babies in late Sept./early Oct. and I think they will need all the diapers they can get. We joked about putting a chute from the nursery out to a dumpster in the backyard for diaper disposal. :) We are excited for them and pray that Ashley has a healthy pregnancy with three bambinos!

We then went to the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner. Addison came with us so my friends could meet her. She got pretty worked up because the restaurant was very loud and there were kids everywhere! Dan and Lindsay have 22 nieces and nephews between the two of them! She did pretty well despite the circumstances and I was so glad they all got to meet her. On Saturday Brad and Tara watched Addie while we were at the wedding and reception. This was the first time both of us together had been away from her all day. It was definitely a weird feeling and we were excited to get back to see her. It also felt nice to be just the two of us and enjoy the time together. The wedding and reception was beautiful! We wanted to stay longer at the reception, but knew we had to get back since Brad and Tara also have a 2-year-old to keep up with. We can not thank them enough for watching her on Saturday!

Brady, their son, is very good with babies and was lovin' on Addison the whole time. They put Brady down to sleep on Saturday night and Addie started crying because it was time for her to eat her last feeding. With Brady's door closed, while he was laying in bed, he screamed, "Don't cry, baby Addie! It's ok, baby Addie!" It was too cute! We went to church on Sunday morning and met up with the Klines for breakfast at Jeremy's favorite place, Le Peep. That boy can't seem to go to Indy without eating Le Peep and eating their granola blueberry pancakes. He is obsessed!

Well, we survived our first overnight weekend with a baby. We definitely had a lot more things to pack in a car!

This is my last week home. I will be starting back work next Monday. I am trying to get a lot of things done before I return, but also enjoy the time with Addison. I will be ending my maternity leave well because David, Carrie and Dylan are coming to visit this week from Florida! We can't wait for Addison's aunt, uncle and cousin to finally meet her. My parents will also be down for a couple of days. On Sunday Addison will be dedicated at church. We have a great week ahead!

Enjoy the sunshine! :)


Checking out the scenes in the backyard


Enjoying the beautiful weather



"The Fab Five". We all met the first week of our freshmen year at Butler and have been friends ever since.


Brady and Addie on the couch


Right after Brady gave "baby Addie" a kiss. Looks good, huh? He loves her and we love it, but one day this will all change and Jeremy will have to put an end to all those kisses!


Addison and her boys (Brady and Garrett)...lifelong friends! :)


Garrett at 2 1/2 weeks old...too cute!


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