Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Last week was wonderful and we had beautiful weather for all of our company. We went to the park, went out to eat (Addie had a meltdown at Rafferty's the day she got all her shots causing Jeremy to take her home!), went to the chowwagon (basically fair food and fun as part of the Derby festival), took walks, grilled out and more. Sunday was a wonderful celebration. We dedicated Addison at church and then went out for brunch with our family. She was wonderful during the dedication. She was very alert, especially when our minister walked down the aisle to show her to the congregation. She went back to sleep right afterwards. It was a great way to celebrate Jeremy's 30th birthday, too! Old man! :) It was so nice having my parents and David, Carrie and Dylan all together. It doesn't get to happen very often since David lives in Florida. Their visit always seems way too short. We miss them!

I started back to work on Monday. I definitely was emotional when I was leaving. It helped that Jeremy stayed home with her. I think I was most emotional about realizing that my maternity leave was over and that time of bonding had come to an end. I had been with her non-stop that I felt weird at work not having an attachment to me. It was a long, tiring and hard day! It was nice to get back and see all of my colleagues and catch up. Jeremy's mom was on vacation this week and was able to watch her for a couple of days. It was so nice to have Betty help out and I am sure she didn't mind at all. :)

Have a great weekend! Tomorrow is the Kentucky Derby! Go Baby Go!


Feeding the ducks


Sleeping in her stroller at the park


At the chowwagon. Dylan rode a pony and loved it!


Uncle David, Cousin Dylan and Aunt Carrie. Too bad Addison was screaming her head off. It was time to eat.


Uncle David finally gets to meet his niece


During the dedication



Laura's family


After the dedication


2 months old


All smiles!


Sadie did have her head on the mat, but moved it.

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