Friday, April 11, 2008


On Sunday Jeremy was successful feeding Addison and getting her ready for church so I could sing in the praise team. He was even there early! She really did well taking a bottle. I laid out a cute dress and sweater for her to wear. Jeremy couldn't find any socks or shoes that fit and matched so he decided to put her in her bunny slippers! Yes, our daughter wore slippers to church! The next day I went out and bought some plain white socks so this will never happen again. Only a dad. :) I forgot to take a picture, but I may have to reenact it so you can see what it looked like.

My friend Meagan from college had a birthday this past Monday. Her boyfriend surprised her by driving her down from Cincinnati on Sunday to meet Addie. She was totally surprised! We hung out for a bit and went to lunch. It was great!

We hope you have had beautiful weather like we have lately! Jeremy actually took off most of the day on Tuesday so we (mostly him) could work in the yard. Leigh is on spring break (she's a teacher) so she came over on Monday and Tuesday to hang out. She also taught me how to sew on her sewing machine. Apparently with having a child I have to become more domestic. :) We grilled out that night with Leigh and Chad and hung out by our fire pit. It felt like a weekend night. With all the nice weather Addie and I have been able to go on lots of walks, too.

We think Addie just went through a growth spurt. I have read that it is common around 6 weeks. For three nights at her 5:00 p.m. feeding she would eat for a bit and then scream bloody murder for about 10-15 minutes. On Wednesday night the same thing happened at her 8:00 p.m. feeding. This is not like her. It was either a growth spurt or she is just really gassy. Last night she was wonderful...let's cross our fingers. It is so sad to see her so upset and not know what is wrong. We just wish she could tell us. I guess this all a part of the parenting journey!

Have a great weekend! We will NOT be going to Thunder Over Louisville (the kickoff to the Derby Festival for all you non-Louisvillians). It is supposed to be cold and juggling a baby in that crowd would not be a good idea!

Addison in her Polo onesie...with her collar popped. :) Kelly Puckett gave this to her, so we felt it was appropriate to take her picture like this. I think Addison is confused by it all.

The gals

This is the outfit that Jeremy dressed her in with slippers!

My tulips are blooming...I love spring!

Is this not the perfect picture? This is how Jeremy was greeted when he came home from work today.

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Heather said...

What an AWESOME last pic, they BOTH look so happy to see each other! And slippers?!?!?! That's HILLARIOUS! :)