Wednesday, July 30, 2008

5 months old!!!

Addison turned 5 months old on Friday. So hard to believe! Too bad she has been fighting a bad cold & allergies the past week. We took her to the doctor to make sure everything is ok. Her disposition is pretty good still, but she is so congested. She is having a hard time sleeping during the night because she is having difficulty breathing through her nose. Poor thing! With her dad and mom and their allergies, this girl has no chance! :(

Don't have much time to write. Heading off to Indy for the weekend. We are throwing Ashley and Bryan a shower for their soon-to-be triplets. I have never given a shower in the hospital so this should be interesting. Ashley is still doing ok.

Addie is excited to have a new friend! Our wonderful friends Heather and Peter (actually Heather is my boss) welcomed their daughter, Emma, into the world yesterday. Addie and Emma are destined to be friends. Well, we are going to make them be. :) Their moms work together, they have the same pediatrician and will be going to the same daycare! Jeremy and I are going to the hospital to visit them before we head out of town.

Have a wonderful weekend! And a Happy Anniversary to my parents...I don't even know what number it is, 38 years, I think. Something amazing for sure!


Reading before bed


Reading her favorite book, "Rainbow Rob," with dad


Playing (and chewing) the paper at the pediatrician's office during her visit


She obviously isn't feeling too bad


5 months old...Our youth minister, Julie, let us borrow this outfit. Thanks Maddy & Julie!

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