Monday, July 21, 2008

Back to normal...woo hoo!

We are home!!! It was a hard month, but we got through it. My boss, Heather, is due in 2 weeks and was put on bed rest the final few days of the summer program in Lexington. Things got even more hectic for me since I was next in charge. Everything went well and Heather is now back to work...for now. We are so excited for Heather and Peter and their new baby-to-be, Emma. We joke and say that Emma and Addie are going to be friends whether they like it or now. They will even be going to the same daycare eventually. :)

I have been home for about a week now. Both Addie and I were ready to sleep in our own beds and Jeremy was ready for us to be home. Last week was lighter at work. We had to work on Addie after her time in the Lexington daycare. They didn't have her on much of a schedule (both with naps and feedings) and we think she was held most of the time. She didn't take good naps once we got home. Leigh helped watch her twice last week and she fought her on naps. Kelly started watching her again today and Kelly said she did pretty well today.

Addison is a big girl now...she started solids on Thursday! She has done a great job so far. She still makes quite a mess, but is definitely eating most of the food. See the video below.

Jeremy and I went with two other couples to a lake house this weekend. This was our first weekend away from Addie. It was much needed after the month we all had. Anthony and Jenny and my parents watched her during the weekend. We can not thank them enough!!! Addie did pretty well except she wouldn't go to bed for Anthony on Friday night. We feel so bad. She doesn't fight us during bed time much. Once she falls asleep she stays asleep for at least 10 hours! Because she didn't nap well all week she was pretty tired and cranky for my parents on Saturday evening. Other then that she had a good report. Not too bad for her being away from both of us for a couple of nights for the first time. Jeremy and I had lots of fun with our friends! It was a nice little vacation. We can't wait to go to Florida in less than a month for a week!!!

Addie smiles and laughs a lot. The video below is perfect! She won't smile for me with the camera because she gets so curious about it. Hopefully I can catch that smile sometime. We are seeing more of her personality everyday. She is a very social, observant and happy baby. She has to be entertained a lot more now that she is getting older. We are loving being back to "normal"...even Jeremy is who got some time off from diaper duty, washing bottles, bed time rituals, etc. :)

P.S. Please pray for our friends, Ashley and Bryan Callahan. Ashley is pregnant with triplets right now and is in the hospital until she delivers them. She is almost 24 weeks along. She is showing signs of labor and the babies really need to stay in much longer. Ashley is now not even allowed to sit up in the hospital bed! Please pray for her, Bryan and the babies (2 girls and a boy).


Sadie kisses


Addison reaching for Sadie


She now sucks on her feet


Playing with her Baby Einstein exersaucer...she LOVES this!!! She plays with everything on it and it keeps her occupied for quite some time.

Can you tell Addie adores her dad and her dad adores her?

Yummy, yummy

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