Monday, November 10, 2008

Rough week

Two weekends ago we went to Otter Creek Park to Camp Piomingo to meet up with our youth group for the annual Pig Roast. It was a beautiful fall day and the trees were gorgeous! Addie got passed around many times. Jeremy refereed some football and I played some football. Weird, I know. I had to fill in for one of the high school girls who was running late. At one point I got the ball and sprinted down the field and the entire time my body was saying, "What the heck are you doing?" :)

We had a rough week this week. Poor Addie came down with a fever last Sunday. It would go up and down for a few days. By Tuesday evening it had gotten high, she was really whiny and needy and she woke up about 6-8 times that night. This is not like her at all. She is a happy baby and she normally sleeps 11-12 hours through the night. I took her to the doctor on Wednesday and she had an ear infection in both ears! Geez! We couldn't take her to daycare all week so we had to scramble. Jeremy and I both stayed home some, but Leigh watched her on Tuesday and Jenny watched her on Wednesday and Thursday. Thank you! Addie started to be back to herself on Saturday. By Sunday she was back to laughing and talking a lot. We missed "her"! Thank God she is feeling better!

Have a great week! I am not ready for this cold weather, although I am already getting excited for Thanksgiving and my favorite, Christmas!


Army crawling to eat some dirt...lovely


Sadie came too...watching the football game


Chewing on a leaf


Fall pictures


Hanging out with Papaw when she wasn't feeling great


After church yesterday in her cute outfit. Jeremy was not happy about getting her ready for church yesterday because he had to put tights on Addie for the first time. :)



Backing to her happy self


BandBbaby said...

I am so sorry I had no idea Addie was so sick! A week out of daycare, ouch! I am not ready for that. Way to survive momma! I hope you have a better week!

Anonymous said...

She looks like you Laura! in the big pic, the last one from this entry. Immediately I thought-LAURA! haha. super cute. and the tights thing cracks me up. I remember those days..remind me to tell you about the day mike p took out my sponge rollers (they were cool in the 90s dont hate). HA! Lots of love, cant wait to see you!