Thursday, November 20, 2008

Quick update

Hope you are well! Quick updates underneath the pictures. Jeremy and Addie are at Lake Cumberland with some family. I have to work out of town this weekend. They left this afternoon (Thursday) and will be back Saturday night when I get home. I miss them already! We are looking forward to Thanksgiving and spending time as a family in our house! Have a great weekend!


We went to dinner at my grandmother's. Here she is playing with Grandma Great's bling.


Yep, she is more mobile. She found the tupperware cabinet.


Jeremy's aunt and uncle, Mark and Julie, feeding Addie. We went to Jeremy's cousin's wedding shower.


More family time with Jeremy's uncle Jeff. Once agains she is playing with some bling. Notice a trend? Geez!


Addie loves her Aunt Jenny!


Addison and I got to spend the day together on Monday because I worked on Saturday and had the day off. We played, ran errands and visited Jeremy at work for lunch. It made me wish I worked part-time!!!


I had a helper with laundry.


Ok, so here is the story behind this picture. Addie was really constipated this weekend (yeah, she has issues). A few days later she finally blew up a diaper when we were at church for a meeting. Of course I didn't have a back up outfit, so we had to take off her shirt. So she had pants, a hat and her coat on. This is her after we took off her coat when we got home with Papaw Randy. Pretty funny! Sorry for the details. :)


We had a playdate with Andrew from church.


Addie was very affectionate with Andrew. She kept trying to hug and kiss him. She even tried pulling up on him to get closer to him even though she isn't pulling up yet. Andrew was a little intimidated by her. I guess we have a forward girl on her hands. Uh-oh!

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