Monday, April 27, 2009

First trip to the Lake '09

Jeremy's birthday is today (Monday) so we went to the lake this weekend so he could fish. Addie went down on Thursday with Honey and Papaw and Jeremy and I got down there late Friday night. It was really warm so it was nice to be out in bathing suits on top of the houseboat (although I didn't enjoy getting my bright white body in a bathing suit). It was very windy so unfortunately Jeremy didn't fish much on the fishing boat.

Addie went to the houseboat a couple of times last year. This time she got to take her first speed boat ride in the Baja. Don't worry we didn't go too fast and there weren't many boats on the water. She did really well! She didn't care for the life jacket at first. I thought she would have a meltdown. She was pretty indifferent most of the time, but I have a feeling she'll like it more and more everytime. Enjoy the pictures from the weekend!

Today I stayed home from work because Addie has tonsillitis. :( She was not well last night, but has gotten better throughout the day today. Before bed she was chasing Jeremy down the hall with a bucket on her head. I'd say she is feeling much better.

Happy birthday, Jeremy! You are such a wonderful husband and amazing father. No wonder Addie is a daddy's girl right now! I love you!

Photo with cousin Layton. Isn't he so stinkin' cute?

Looking for fish with Honey (in her cute outfit from Aunt Jenny)

Jenny and Layton. Layton had to borrow Addie's hat. I don't think it fit very well, but it did cover his mug.

Pointing at another houseboat.

Addie is starting to really give kisses. It's cute! Although this time she bit my lip and those little baby teeth hurt!

Such personality!

The whole gang enjoying the summer-like weather in April!

See, she evens gives her new baby cousin kisses (as long as he is not getting all of the attention. We saw the first glimpse of jealousy from her this weekend.).

Addie got really hot around 5:00 and decided to drink water from the bottle. She ended up dumping most of the water on herself and Jeremy.

Cooling off in the baby pool on the top of the boat

Getting ready for her first boat ride

First boat ride in the Baja. Many more to come...

Driving the boat with Papaw Randy


BandBbaby said...

It looks like you all had so much fun! I just keep singing "Beach Baby" in my head. Baby Layton is adorable. I love her in the baby pool, what a great idea...I almost got Garrett's out this weekend. I need t talk to you about the life jacket because I need to get Garrett one for Michigan. Happy Birthday Jeremy!!!

Nick and Jenn said...

Absolutely adorable!! She just gets cuter and cuter!! I also need life jacket tips so please send your suggestions my way too. Happy B-day to Jeremy!