Thursday, April 16, 2009

Easter on Thursday :)

On Sunday we didn't get a chance to take pictures outside in Addie's Easter dress. So, I reenacted today. Whatever it takes for a photo opp for a potential framed photo or one for the scrapbook. I could have lied and just said I took them on Sunday, but I knew you blog readers wouldn't care when these were taken! :) Enjoy!


mamalouise said...

I love her Easter dress! All moms really do think a like...I would have done the same thing!! Easter outfits really aren't as fun for boys though! :) I love that she is so studious already...that picture of her "reading" is adorable! Hope you guys are well!!

Laura Camic said...

I love them, she is so adorable! I especially like the one when she is reading!!! Hope you guys have a great weekend!

Bryan said...

Ohhhh...she looks so pretty in her little dress:-D And your flowers look so great!!! Hope you guys are doing to you soon:-D
Bry and Ash

The Sabelhaus Boys said...

So cute! It was good to catch up the other day! Hope you guys are having a good week!