Monday, April 6, 2009


We're celebrating that Addie is off of bottles! We thought it would take longer than this, but we worked with her a lot two weekends ago. The following Monday we accidentally (no, really) forgot to bring bottles to daycare so she had to have a sippy cup (they had a back-up bottle just in case). Addie still needs to drink more at each sitting, but she is definitely getting the hang of milk in the sippy cup and not crying for the bottle (even in the morning).

Anway, this is a big celebration in our house (and I'm sure those other parents out there can relate). I think I almost saw Jeremy do a dance in the kitchen the other day. :) Afterall, he does the dishes in our house (I do the laundry) so this frees up some of his time. I wonder if he'll help me with the loads of laundry now (that has not diminished). History leads me to believe that is a negative! Ha!


BandBbaby said...

Thanks for your advice this weekend. Garrett went to bed without his bottle last night and this morning no fuss...I have my fingers crossed! Good to see you this weekend! Any weekends free after Easter? Brandon and I were talking about a weekend trip to Louisville soon.

The Sabelhaus Boys said...

What a big girl! It is so nice to be free of formula and bottles. Way to go!!

Anonymous said...

Laura, I really enjoyed seeing you and addison at Laura's shower...She is so cute... and very well behaved..Robin