Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A visit from da bug

David, Carrie and Dylan (aka da bug) came in for a quick trip two weekends ago because Carrie's uncle passed away. Jeremy and I watched Dylan for a while so they could go to the funeral home. Addie was already down at the lake (we came later that night) so it felt a little weird being with Dylan and not having her with us. Dylan didn't quite understand why she wasn't with us. We had fun with him at the park and at our house. D-man loves Jeremy and does everything he does. He is so good and so much fun!

David, Carrie and Dylan are coming this weekend (they had this planned a while ago) for a visit! We're looking forward to spending time together as a family!

Feeding the ducks

Taking a walk in the park

Playing on the playground

Fishing on the couch. At one point Dylan caught two fish and Jeremy couldn't get a single bite! :)

And here's a few pics of the wild girl playing with Sadie from about a week or so ago. Have I ever mentioned she loves Sadie and tries to wrestle her all the time?

I'll try to post again with pics from last weekend. We had a great Derby weekend! I just love it when a long shot wins! If you don't watch the derby than you should. So exciting! And if you ever want to come to Louisville during all the festivities give us a call.

Have a great weekend!

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The Sabelhaus Boys said...

He is getting so big...I guess I should have realized that since he is only 2 months younger then Brady. Addie looks cute with Sadie. We may have to protect Sadie next time we are down....I don't know if she can handle Brady and Addie climbing all over her!! Have a good weekend.