Monday, June 8, 2009

We're old!

Two weekends ago (yeah, I'm just now catching up) Jeremy and I went to Audrey and Jeremy's wedding. Leigh and I use to babysit Audrey and her younger brother. Their family went to our church and we have watched her grow up. It was one of the first times I felt kinda old. Yeah, I'm still young, but seeing a girl you used to babysit walk down the aisle can be a little emotional, ok?

Jeremy's dad and stepmom watched Addie overnight. It was her first overnight at their house. She loved it and they loved it, I'm sure. We tried to hang with some of the other guests at the wedding that are in college. After some convincing we went to 4th Street Live after the reception. Jeremy and I weren't very exciting. We were in bed by 1:00, but that is pretty late for us anymore. So sad. And yet another convincing reason we felt old. :(

But the best thing about the weekend was we slept until almost 11:00 a.m. the next day!!! Is that even possible anymore? We decided to not set the alarm for church and just see when we got up. Ha! I recommend that kind of sleep to you other parents out there. I felt like a new woman!

P.S. More updates soon. For a cute video of the bean (let's face it, that is why you read this blog anyway), see the post before this.

Leigh and Chad

Leigh partaking in the candy bar. Loved it!

All of the girls from Beargrass (our church)

Leigh, Kelly and I. Kelly is who babysat Addison last summer.

We just need a girl in white to complete the flag. :) I love me some Leigh-Leigh.

With the bride. We felt old!

Here we are at Maker's Mark Lounge on 4th Street trying not to fall asleep on our night at on the town.

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