Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Memorial Day '09

We went to Lake Cumberland for Memorial Day weekend, a family tradition. We had great weather and enjoyed relaxing, sunbathing and even getting in the lake (usually it is pretty cold then). Addie loved her baby pool again. She even tried getting in it before there was water in it. For some reason she woke up at 5:30 on Sunday morning ready to go (she normally sleeps until 7:00-7:30). Try keeping a toddler quiet on a houseboat while everyone else is asleep! That was fun. Needless to say she took 4 naps that day. The sun and hot weather wore us all out. It was another great weekend!

Jeremy caught a big catfish! I can't believe he actually caught one. It's been forever! Hee Hee!

Modeling swimsuit #1

Hanging out on the back of the houseboat

Testing out the water

First time in the lake. She was pretty indifferent about it.

Modeling swimsuit #2

Her hair was out-of-control between the humidity, the heat, the water and sweat! Look at those curls!


Sunbathing on the top

First time on the jet ski.

We just idled around in the cove. She didn't care for it much, but she was pretty tired then too.

Feeding the ducks with Honey and Cousin Alex. They fed the ducks while Addie chose to eat the food instead of feeding the ducks. That girl can eat!

Standing on her tip toes to see the ducks.

Goof ball!

This time she drove the houseboat.

Wonderful family! We miss them! (Tiffany--Jeremy's sister, Kameryn, Dave and Alex)

Trying to get a family picture but miss ham had to act silly instead.

On Memorial Day two seniors in our youth group made all of the sponsors and the youth minister dinner. During a service auction for the mission trip to Dominican Republic someone anonymously paid for their service (Wes and Joe) for us to enjoy. They used our kitchen for the dinner. The theme was Country Fried Cookin' complete with Ale 8, Fried Green Tomatoes, Key Lime Pie and Chocolate Chess Pie. I felt like Paula Dean had stepped in. And they did it all themselves. Our stove has NEVER seen grease like that before!!! They did a wonderful job and it was a fun night.

Addie and Maddy playing

Talk about a feast! Hail to the chef!

Surprisingly (somewhat, considering who their moms are) it was all DELICIOUS!!!


BandBbaby said...

Yeah for an Angermeier update!!! Looks like you had fun at the lake as usual (who doesn't have fun at Lake Cumberland!). Go model Addie and her many swimsuits and curls to boot! I am assuming no walking yet. Talk to you soon!

Erin H said...

Picture number 2 in her cute little swimsuit should totally be a Baby Gap ad! Do you think she will keep her curls? They are gorgeous!