Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Trip to the zoo--playing catch-up

I'm currently living in Lexington for a month for my job. I live on Transylvania University's campus for the program I work for, Governor's School for the Arts. Its a state-wide residential arts program for high school students. This month is the most intense time for my job...so stressful and busy and yet satisfying and inspiring. I work tons of hours and live on campus. Last year I took Addison with me. It was the hardest thing I have ever done, working 10-12 hours a day, seven days a week, for four weeks while juggling a 4 month old by myself. This year Addie is staying home with Jeremy since we already are paying for daycare and it is easier to cart around a 4 month old than a 16 month old. He's been wonderful, of course! I truly miss them, but luckily I'm so busy it keeps my mind preoccupied. Keep us in your prayers! :)

So sorry for the blog hiatus. It will continue until mid-July. I'll do my best to try to update on my few days off but I have a few of them and I don't always want to be on the computer. Today I was off and I have enjoyed my time in my own bed, my own home, with my hubby and especially with my daughter!

My first catch-up post is from a couple of weeks ago. We went to the Louisville Zoo since it was one of the last days we would spend time together as a family for a month. We had lots of fun! Addie loves animals!!! The last time we (it was just me and Addie with Tara and Brady for Halloween) went was in October so she definitely got more out of it this time. We'll definitely be going back there again!

Probably one of her favorite things at the zoo...a lizard statue! Ha!

She loved anything she could get close to...fish, snakes, lizards, etc. The entire time we were in the herbaquarium she made her snake sound. It was funny.

Taking a stroll with dad

She was intimidated by the gorillas. Who could blame her? They are huge!

Addie loved the petting zoo at no surprise. This is Vanilla, the goat.

Addie has had some bad allergies for a while. We just thought she was just fighting the horrible Ohio Valley allergies like we were. Well, hers became worse. Due to the drainage she got a respiratory infection and her lungs were beginning to close up. We felt awful because we didn't realize it was that bad! We couldn't hear her wheezing much. We just took her to the doctor because she had a fever the night before and she hadn't acted like herself for days. She ended up having a nebulizer for a few days to help her lungs. She did pretty well with it. We either had to read to her and or put in front of the tv in order to make her keep the mask on for 10 minutes. She's a toddler after all. We're hoping she won't have to do this many more times. This was a couple of weeks ago and Jeremy will take her back to the doctor on Thursday to make sure all is well. Look how pathetic it looks! Poor thing!


Nick and Jenn said...

Poor little Addie! That little mask is so sad. I hope she gets a good report at the doctor. Looks like she had a blast at the zoo. Praying this month goes quickly and smoothly!!

BandBbaby said...

I love the pics at the zoo. Truely my favorite place to visit with G-man. I love that she makes snakes sounds, hehe! Sorry to hear she was so sick, yucky! Hope things are better especially with Jeremy being home by himself and you having to be gone. Never fun to have to be away from your sick little one. We miss you guys so much. When you return we promise we will make a trip down, maybe do the zoo again!! I will pray from your time away from your family may it be swift!

Aimee said...

We love the zoo too! Cute pictures, but I feel so bad for that lost shot...looks like you guys are having a great summer!