Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Week (or two) in review

I sat down to blog last night and then our power went out with the storms. I think this is the 4th or 5th time it has gone out in a year. Luckily it came on in the middle of the night. It wasn't too bad because I started a new book I have wanted to read and read by flashlight. :)

Last week Louisville had horrible flooding. You may have seen it on the national news. My office flooded and I couldn't work there the rest of the week. I now know what "flash flooding" means. In a matter of five minutes water was seeping in everywhere and we were running around unplugging everything and getting it off the floor! It was nice working from home and having a lighter work week. My mom came in on Wed. night so it was nice spending time with her. Windstorm, ice storm, flooding...now what? Locusts???

We went to Emma's first birthday party two weekends ago. Emma's mom is my boss, Heather, and a dear friend of mine. There were several kids there. Emma is 5 months younger and the other girl was 6 months younger than Addie and they were both bigger than her! :) Emma was a champ with the chocolate cake!

Anthony and Jenny kept Addie over night last Friday night while we attended our youth group lock-in. It was the last night with the seniors. We made it until 2:15 a.m. and called it a night because Jeremy worked on Sat. and I had to watch little miss. I haven't see that kind of night since I was in college...no wait, when she was first born. I guess our brains tend to forget those sleepless nights so moms will consider having more babies. :)

Here she is reading in a little recliner at Anthony and Jenny's house. Too cute!

Mommy's little helper...so she thinks.

On Saturday night we went to St. Joe's Catholic Picnic. It was Jeremy's, Addie's and my first Catholic picnic ever! I had to get a fish sandwich and beer. :) We had fun with Jeremy's dad and stepmom, Anthony, Jenny and Layton. Addie had so much fun she stayed up almost 2 hours past her bedtime!

At the first Catholic picnic with the family

She hasn't been on our shoulders much and she was cracking up about it!

Addie LOVES her "baby" Layton!

Layton tried his first taste of ice cream...yummy!

"I want some too!"

Addie loves to gather and hold on to small things...sticks, q-tips, spoons, etc. They seriously are some of her favorite "toys". Here she is holding on to sticks and almost poking them in her cousin's eyes...nice, huh?

We put the monkey that Addie got at the picnic around Sadie. She didn't mind too much!

Jeremy and I attempted to work in the yard on Sunday while Addie played in the baby pool. Ever since I have been back from Lexington Addison is my SHADOW! She is a BIG mama's girl lately barely even wanting her dad to hold her. I'm sure Jeremy doesn't like this much, but just a couple of months ago the roles had switched and I'm sure this will continue for a long time. She follows me everywhere so needless to say Jeremy did most of the work while I played with her. Not a bad tradeoff, huh? She still has dirt in her hair since she tried to "help" us with her shovel!

Goofy girl!

Have a great week!!!

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BandBbaby said...

Yeah I really needed an Angermeier update! I miss you all so much! Tired today from watching the triplets last night so Ash and Bry could go to Buffett. They are so cute and getting so BIG!