Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Last weekend Jeremy and I went to Chicago to celebrate our five year anniversary! The last time we were there was the December after we got married. It was a wonderful weekend, but it honestly wasn't long enough. We ate great food (including Chicago style pizza and some awesome sushi), shopped, hung out with friends, walked around a lot, enjoyed the city and just enjoyed being together. We even took a nap in the hotel during the afternoon on Sat. At first I felt guilty because we were wasting time in a beautiful city, but then didn't feel too guilty because we don't get to do that at home much.

It has been a long time since we have done something as just the two of us, even before Addie was here. We just always seem to vacation or do weekend getaways with friends of family. We missed our little girl, but definitely enjoyed just being together. It was weird riding in the car for a long time and not have to entertain a toddler in the backseat, but very much appreciated too.

Chicago is a fabulous city that has so much to offer! There was so much more we wanted to do! Enjoy the pics...

(Addie pictures will come soon since that is what most of you read this blog for anyway.) :)

Jeremy told me to take a picture of this. Windmills in Northern Indiana...

Yummy place we went for dinner on Friday night, Zed 451. Very unique, Bralizian barbeque style. If you are a meat eater then this is your place!

Out on the town...

...with some great friends...Erin, Chris and Josh. Erin and I went to Butler together and Josh went to WKU with Jeremy. So great to catch up!

The newlyweds...married in April!

I love this girl!

How cool is this moose? Made out of car bumpers.

Absolutely beautiful!

On the Architecture boat tour

The "Sears" Tower (now the Willis, but everyone still calls it Sears)

I love this city!!!

Cloud Gate, aka The Bean, at Millennium Park

Jeremy looks so serious here

The auditorium at Millennium Park.

Chicago Tribune building...pieces of buildings from around the world are on the outside walls of the building

At the Architecture Foundation's exhibit. A 3-D model of the city. So cool!

The stage at night. Saturday night there was a free American Dance Festival concert with performances by national dance companies: Alvin Ailey, American Ballet Theater, Dayton Contemporary Ballet, etc. What a treat! We didn't stay long because we were sitting on the grass and it was really cold! We didn't pack enough warm clothes, unfortunately. :(

"The Bean" at night

A wonderful weekend together!


BandBbaby said...

Love it! SO glad you got some time together! Didnt you just love the bean and tha ampitheatre. Brandon and I had a picnic lunch of Chicago dogs in June 2005. That is the last time we have been as a couple too. I have always wanted to do the Architecture boat tour, was it cool?

Erin H said...

It was SO great hanging out with you guys! I'm glad you enjoyed Chicago. Your pictures are awesome!