Sunday, December 13, 2009

Random post...quick update

Sorry for the blog hiatus. We have been celebrating Christmas (more to come soon) for weeks now. Our families celebrate Christmas during the month of December (since we have siblings that live out of town) so by the time it is Christmas day we are basically finished. I'll post pictures and videos on our festivities soon.

We're excited to report that Addie has been potty training. Daycare initiated it at the end of October and she is doing really well with it. We weren't prepared for it to be this soon, but we'll take it. Once the holidays are over we are going to work on it more. Maybe she'll be trained by the time she turns 2! That would be a great present to us! We shall see. She LOVES stickers or as she calls them "stickys" so that is her reward for using the potty. I promise not to go all mom on you and give you full reports, but just wanted to update you on our successes! I know, our life is so exciting! Ha!

We've enjoyed time celebrating with our families so far this month and we're looking forward to making more memories in the next couple of weeks. Merry Christmas!

Enjoy the random pictures from November!

Enjoying the unseasonably warm weather we had in November! Hard to remember those days now that it has gotten so cold!

She LOVES her baby right now! "Baby" goes everywhere. (Notice her "sticky" on her shirt! She plays with the stickers so much that they don't stick after about 10 minutes of having it.)

Sweet girl posing on Thanksgiving

We watched Layton one weekend and Addie wanted him to get in her play wagon with him. He didn't care for it much.

One of Addie's favorite "toys" right now is a wipe. She "cleans" with it, uses it for baby's blanket, etc. Why spend money on toys? :)


BandBbaby said...

Hey girlie! I love Addie's new picture. I hope you are enjoying this holiday season. Garrett is clueless and and think "hates" santa, but other than that! Expecting snow this weekend and looking foward to some time home as a family then off to Newburgh on Tuesday. Love you and Merry Christmas!!

Nick and Jenn said...

I am so impressed with her potty training. You should totally leave stories and updates about it. That is awesome!! Loves all the new pictures. What a doll! Merry Christmas to you all!