Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas #3 and #4...aka being spoiled!!!

The weekend before Christmas we celebrated with Jeremy's side of the family. On Saturday night we got together with his dad, step-mom, siblings and their families. Unfortunately my camera died so I don't have any pictures right now. Addie got sooo much stuff. Her big gift from Papaw John and Mamaw Net was a Cozy Coupe car. She loved it! Jeremy brought it in the next morning right before we left for church and when we got back from church it was sitting in the living room. Addie walked in and starting squealing, laughing and looking at us with disbelief. She was so excited that the car was hers and in her house! We wished we had video of it!

On Sunday evening we got together with Betty (Jeremy's mom) and Randy's side of the family at Jenny and Anthony's house. Once again Addie was spoiled rotten! Enjoy all the pictures from that weekend's celebrations!

Lately Addie is really "Cheezin" it when we take her picture. She hardly has her eyes open she is smiling so hard!

See what I mean?

Addie's ready for the snow! Papaw John and Mamaw got her snow bibs and a hat. Now we're just waiting for the white stuff around here.

Is this cute or what? Such a girl! Driving in her new car with baby next to her, her purse behind her and a dress-up Snow White headband!

Christmas #4

Why is that the women do all the work during Christmas??? Shopping, baking, cooking, wrapping, planning and more! :)

Family being silly...

Randy and his daughters Jennifer and Melissa

Kameryn playing with Layton

And a cheezy smile again...

Addie got a tricycle from Papaw Randy and Honey

Layton and his new Elmo airplane. Since Addie loves Elmo and airplanes she was a bit jealous. :)

So Papaw Randy and Honey got Addie a box of dress-up clothes. Apparently just like the boa, Addie was not a big fan of the dress-up tutu skirt. Can you tell? Ha!

Look at all of those necklaces!

Jeremy reading to Layton

Handsome boy!

We had a Dirty Santa/White Elephant gift exchange this year for the first time. It was hilarious!!! This fancy Christmas tree decoration got passed around a few times. Hot, huh?

Here's the gift I ended up with. A cheese tray and wooden candlesticks complete with a covering of dust. Yes, Jeremy's mom brought this one and yes it explains a lot! Ha! Gotta love Betty!

And here it is upclose! Don't be jealous!

It was a great weekend with Jeremy's family with lots of love and many laughs! Stay tuned for pictures/posts...we haven't even posted Christmas yet! :)

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