Monday, March 22, 2010

Trip to the zoo

March is a very busy month for me with work. Since I have to work weekends I get the following Monday off. A few Mondays ago Addie and I met up with Anthony, Jenny and Layton at the zoo on Layton's first birthday. My parents got us a membership to the zoo for Christmas and we have been looking forward to using it this year. Unfortunately Jeremy had to work but I am sure there will be more zoo days ahead. It was a great day to enjoy the beautiful weather!

Layton is 1!!!
The first thing we did was go through the exhibit that has fish, snakes, turtles, etc. Addie was scared of a small turtle swimming. I was shocked! I can understand gorillas or elephants, but a small turtle! Geez! She loves animals so I was surprised of how timid she was because she can be pretty fearless with some things. She kept saying "No turtle! No turtle!" and went around the exhibit with her hands over her face like the photo below. She did this periodically throughout the day, but by the end she did much better. To this day she'll still say "Mommy, I afraid of turtle." And she'll put her hands like this over her face. We kept telling her turtles are nice (even though they can be mean) and not to be scared. And then she'll respond, "Turtles nice." And we talk about how the next time we go to the zoo she'll keep her eyes open the whole time. We'll see how that goes...

Posing with the birthday boy

Addie was really scared of the bigger goats, but walked right up to this baby one. I guess because it was smaller it was fine.

Posing in front of the elephants, although you can't see them. She has been cutting her 2 year molars for a while and always has her hands in her mouth.

Checking out the giraffes with Uncle Anthony

Taking over Layton's ride...

A long day...

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