Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wonderful weekend with wonderful friends

Two weekends ago we went to Indy to spend time with some of our best friends. Saturday morning Brady and Addie got to play in the snow for a bit. That afternoon the Klines (3 total) and the Callahans (5 total) came over and had a sleepover at the Sabelhaus home. Erin Hack and Erin Riley were able to come over for a bit, too. Our friends were so sweet and got Addie presents and Tara got the kids cupcakes to celebrate Addie's birthday a little early. The kids had lots of fun together (and I loved seeing them all together) and the parents had fun once the kids went to bed! We played games, drank wine and had great conversation. Well the guys mostly hung out downstairs while the girls chatted and played games. We don't get to see our best friends very often so we cherish the time together. Thanks to Brad and Tara for turning over their house to so many people and kids! Tara was a wonderful hostess! We may make this an annual tradition! Enjoy the pictures and videos from the weekend.

Like Tara said, they could make a cute couple one day! :)

Brady eating snow

And Addie eating snow

And she's outta here..

Bath time! They'll love this one when they are older!

Such a handsome little boy! Can't believe Cole will be a year old next week!

I LOVE these next two pictures of Addie and Harry! So sweet!

Garrett and Addie talking on walkie talkies

Mini DG Reunion...Love these girls!

Singing "Happy Birthday"

All the kids ready for cupcakes!

She was digging in!


All of the kiddos before bed...7 kids between 4 couples! What a blessing!

Impossible to get them all to look at the camera!

Opening gifts...Tara got Addie a cute hat with a big pink vintage bow. Here's the bow in her hair.

The kiddos had a quick dance party before bed. I loved seeing their different dance moves. I am nervous that Addie and Olivia may be headed towards a Sigma Chi Derby Days Lip Sync with these moves! :) I also love that Harry is just chillin' the whole time just watching everybody else dance. Love them all!


BandBbaby said...

Love the video!! Thanks for your thoughts and prayers this week!

The Sabelhaus Boys said...

Love the pictures. The picture of Addie cracking up at Harry is great! Hope you have a happy birthday today! Love ya.

Bryan and Ashley said...

Happy Birthday!!! And yes it was soooo great to see you guys a couple of weeks ago. I just loved the pictures and the video is great! I agree we may be in for some trouble with our booty shakin' girls;-D