Tuesday, March 30, 2010


I am sure you all know by now, but Butler is going to the Final Four for the first time ever and it is in Indy! I have been on a high since Saturday, just ask Jeremy! It is quite unbelievable! I have read some awesome articles about Butler's team, but the article below really paints the picture about who the team is and what this means to the school...
I am most likely going up on Saturday for the game and may just cheer with friends at a local bar. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity I can't miss! I'm just disappointed it is Easter weekend because I can't miss out on that day and have to go to early church. It will be worth the trip no matter what!
If you haven't been cheering for Butler already, jump on board the Butler train! All are welcome!


Bryan and Ashley said...

Hey!!! Where are you watching the game? My mom is watching the kiddos so Bry and I can go out to watch it...let's meet up! Call me:-D

BandBbaby said...

Whoo! Whoo! All aboard...Go Dawgs!!