Saturday, April 10, 2010

Easter 2010

Easter, what a glorious day! The weather was beautiful as it should be to celebrate the risen Lord! We had a long Easter Sunday seeing a lot of Jeremy's family (wished my family lived closer). Addie was a champ at all of her Easter egg hunts. Unfortunately miss Addison had a little too much Easter...she hardly ate anything but candy all day! She was wired when we got home that night. The next morning she asked for a cookie for breakfast. Really? Does she ever get a cookie for breakfast? No! Hopefully as she gets bigger she begins to learn the true reason for Easter! Enjoy all the pics...

Layton meeting the Easter bunny...

Easter Egg Hunt #1...moved inside of church due to rain on Saturday
"Check out my goods, daddy!"

Easter morning sitting in church playing bashful

Posing for the camera right after church...

I LOVE this picture! So sweet!

Easter cookies...One of these things is not like the others? (Go BU!)

Layton is getting so big!

Easter Egg Hunt #2...she's a pro!

At Layton's first birthday party (I haven't gotten a chance to blog about that) Jenny announced that she is pregnant! We're so excited for them and can't wait to have a new little nephew or niece to love on!

Most all of the kids on Jeremy's dad's side of the family

Trust me, she didn't have all these eggs! She just wanted to hold on to the empty eggs bag.

Look at her checking out his she didn't have enough!

How cute is this? She loves to wear these bunny ears and says, "I'm the Easter Bunny!"

Egg Hunt #3...trying to get the three to take a picture together (Jeremy's cousin's little boy is on the left)

Perfect ending to a wonderful day...Addie flying a kite for the first time at Papaw John and Mamaw's house!

And the other day I walked in the room to see this while Jeremy was reading Addie's bedtime story! What a great dad!

Hunting for eggs...Addie kept saying "More eggs! Easter eggs!"

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