Thursday, April 29, 2010

Derby on!!!

It is Derby week and we have been enjoying some of the festivities and will continue all week. Tomorrow we are taking Addie to the festival parade downtown and Saturday we are have a little Derby party at our house.

Last Saturday Jeremy ran the marathon with a relay team. 5 people complete the marathon. He did the 4th leg that was a 5k. His run was through a part of Cherokee park (very hilly) and did a great job. It was raining really hard in the beginning, but the skies opened during part of the race. Addie and I had fun cheering for him and the team. It inspired me to want to do a part of it next year. We'll see...

We knew several people that did the mini and marathon. Here are Laura, Robyn's mom, Robyn and her aunt getting ready to finish. Robyn is 6 months pregnant and walked the entire thing! Crazy! She deserves a trophy or maybe a quart of ice cream! :)

The team on the way to the finish line...

Finish line...

Addie made a Derby hat at Sunday School last Sunday. Looks more like a sombrero in this picture then a cute Derby hat. She's still cute so that helps! :)

We're continuing to celebrate. The Derby race truly is one of the best 2 minutes in sports! Derby on!

P.S. Hope to do more blog posts soon!

P.P.S. Happy birthday to Jeremy! It was yesterday and we enjoyed some yummy sushi and watched a movie. Addie continued to sing "Happy birthday to Daddy...Happy birthday to Daddy..." and so on. It is her favorite song right now. She sings it daily! Ha! Happy birthday, Jeremy! I love you so much!

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