Monday, January 10, 2011

Christmas Day

I know I am behind on posts...oh well...

On Christmas evening my entire family got together at David and Carrie's house. They are insane! Their stuff arrived from Florida the week of Thanksgiving and they hosted about 18 people for dinner on Christmas. My aunt and uncle came in from Northern WV along with my cousin and his fiancee. They normally come to Louisville in mid-December. This was the first time that my entire family had been together on Christmas day in years! It was wonderful!

Trying to get a pose with the great grandkids with my grandmother that night. Addie was NOT cooperating. Too much holiday and not enough of a nap=meltdowns!

Bill came in from Pittsburgh with his fiancee, Lauren. They are so much fun and we hate only seeing them once a year.

One of her favorite gifts..."a princess pooter" (computer). She doesn't know how to play, but just pushes buttons.

Dylan trying on his new snow boots...he didn't have any while in Florida. :)

David opening their mirror from Jeremy

Uncle Jer and Dawson

Dawson jamming on his new guitar

Grandpa getting a turn...

Addie's turn. She'll kill me one day for this one!

Our Christmas fairy!

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