Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year's Day...yeah, I am still behind

We enjoyed a relaxing, long weekend for New Year's. I took off on Thursday because Addie's daycare was closed. We watched "The Princess and the Frog", played and relaxed. We hardly even got out of our pjs! It was awesome after the busy Christmas weekend.

Last picture of the tree before it came down. I was playing with my new camera. I can't wait to really learn how to use it!

Can you tell they love each other? So sweet!

On New Year's Day we went over to Jeremy's aunt's house with his extended family (it's big...well, much bigger than mine). The kids all played well together and the adults watched football and played cards. It was a fun time!

Showing off her bunny backpack. Too cute! Sure wish she was this sweet all the time! :)

Kissing cousins playing dress up!

She was in heaven playing dress up with all of the princess stuff at Vicki's house!

Babies everywhere! Jeremy's cousin, Jen, had a baby, Tyson, a couple of days before Christmas.

Showing Papaw her baby. Such a girl!
Josie (another cousin's daughter) with Abigail

Sweet Abigail! We compared pictures recently and Addison and Abigail have some similar features.

Kylie (yet another cousin's daughter...I told you his family is big) is so proud holding baby Tyson!

More kiddos...

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