Thursday, February 24, 2011

Quick post...with belly pic

My laptop crashed at the end of last week. We've had it for years. Jeremy has a laptop that he brings back and forth to work so I'm working on this computer for now. Unfortunately our router is messed up and I can hardly upload any pictures. Hang tight for now!

I was able to get a picture up of the bump. People are now rubbing my belly (people I know, not strangers...yet!) and people are looking at my eyes then at my belly and then back at my eyes. I forgot about all this happening. Below is a picture of me last Saturday at about 17 weeks. Yes, we are going to find out the sex and that is scheduled for March 7th. Not too much longer. I keep thinking about waiting to find out, but it definitely makes it easier. Jeremy really wants to find out too. Addie is still very excited to be a big sister. She says "Hi!" to the baby everyday and talks about all the things she wants to do for it. A few weeks ago when I walked in her room to get her in the morning she said, "Mommy, your belly is getting BIGGER!" Kids sure are honest! The other day we were eating muffins and I had two muffins on my plate. I told her I had two muffins to feed the baby and she responded, "Awww...that's really sweet!"

Speaking of Addie...she turns 3 tomorrow! CRAZY! Can't believe our sweet girl will be 3.

Stay tuned for more posts and pictures...hopefully! Next up is an update on our weekend trip to Indy with some of our best friends!

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Anonymous said...

Laura, you look GREAT!!! I can't believe Addie will be 3..... She will be such a help to you !! Robin