Sunday, February 27, 2011

Annual Sleepover fun

A couple of weekends ago we went to Indy to spend time with some of our best friends and their kiddos. There are 7 kiddos (with one on the way, of course) between 4 couples. This time we stayed at the Callahan's house for the weekend for our annual sleepover. We went to the Children's Museum on Saturday and then just hung out around the house the rest of the time. Unfortunately Addie came down with a fever on Saturday so she wasn't 100%. Once the motrin kicked in she acted a little more like herself.

Playing at the Dora & Diego exhibit...

More fun with water

Who would have thought this girl would love the Barbie exhibit? (The boys went to the dinosaur exhibit while the girls did this.)

Addie and Olivia walking the runway with Brooke. Am I in trouble or what?

Playing with Barbies

My future fashion designer!

Ashley and Bryan and their crew in the choo-choo. I love witnessing all of the looks they get for having triplets! It's hilarious!

Two cute girls!

The kids played the Wii in the basement for a little bit. I love Garrett's expression here!

What you can't see is all of us piled in on the couches with each other's kids on our laps. That was the first thing Jeremy said to me on the way home, "Did you notice how everyone had someone else's kid on their lap when we were hanging out in the basement?" We truly love all of the kiddos!

Two sweet Sabelhaus boys

Trying to get a pajama shot with all 7 of them. It took a lot of takes!

Here's one of the best ones I got. :)

Girls with wild hair in the mornings

It was a wonderful weekend spending time with people we love so much, but don't get to see often. Can't wait until next year! (And in April when all of the adults are taking a roadtrip to Charleston, SC for Ann Marie's wedding. Should be interesting with these boys...I mean, men!)

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The Sabelhaus Boys said...

So excited for Baby Angermeier #2 to join us next year!